When are applications due?

The IGEM program accepts applications throughout the year. The IGEM Council, the entity with legal authority to approve grant funding, has scheduled meetings intermittently throughout the year to review applications. Refer to this page for application deadlines.

What does IGEM fund?

The IGEM grant program funds the costs associated with conducting research that is necessary for propelling your product or concept toward commercialization. Typical costs include research time, supplies, expert time (regulatory compliance guidance and expertise), and other costs that are vital to conducting the research. Please note, this is not an exhaustive list.

Is there a limit to individual grant amounts?

No, there is no limit on individual grant amounts. The IGEM program has an annual budget of $950,000. IGEM has funded grants ranging from $41,000 to $427,000.

How long are projects funded?

Typically, IGEM funding is for one year. However, the IGEM Council has funded projects longer than a year, based on the project’s merit and defined milestones.

What is the application approval process?

Please refer to the workflow diagram below. It provides a high-level overview of the IGEM grant review and approval process.

View IGEM Workprocess

Who determines which applications are funded?

The IGEM Council awards IGEM funding. This 12-member body is appointed by the Governor and responsible for vetting applications to mitigate risk and awarding IGEM funding, with the anticipation of a maximum return on investment for this publicly funded program.

How do I determine which University would be best suited as a research partner for my company?

We can help partner you with an Idaho university that is best positioned to conduct your research. Likewise, we can help our university professionals in partnering with industry. In order to be funded through IGEM, a joint partnership between industry and an Idaho research university must exist, with the research focused on advancing the technology toward commercialization.

What if the application contains proprietary information? How can this confidential information be protected?

If the IGEM application contains proprietary information, please download and submit the Declaration and Identification of Confidential Information form. The applicant must complete this form, along with marking each page containing confidential information “confidential – proprietary information”. Commerce will not accept a legend or statement on one (1) page that all, or substantially all, of the document is exempt from disclosure. The Declaration and Identification of Confidential Information form, along with all marked application documents must be uploaded during the application process.