Applicants Wanted

Interested in applying for an IGEM grant?

If your idea or product would benefit from grant funding for research conducted at an Idaho university, your research partner should follow the steps below in sequential order to apply online for an IGEM grant.

Next Steps

When applying for IGEM grant funding, you’ll need to submit the following online:

    1. Download and preview the application. This will assist you in preparing your online submission.
      Download FY17 Application
    1. Next, ensure you have an industry & university partnership. If you need help in finding a university or industry partner, contact Carmen.
      Email Carmen
    1. Download the IGEM PowerPoint Template. You will upload this document as part of the online submission process in step number 8. Your PowerPoint will be presented to the IGEM Council if your project is selected for advancement in the selection process.
      Download PowerPoint Template
    1. Download the IGEM Budget form. You will upload this document as part of the online submission process in step number 8. This form provides the IGEM Council with an explanation of anticipated expenses that total your requested grant amount.
      Download Budget Template
    1. Download the IGEM program’s Terms and Conditions. Each applicant is required to read and accept these Terms and Conditions before applying for funding.
      Download Terms and Conditions
    1. Prepare your team’s curriculum vitae(s)/resume(s). You will upload these documents as part of the online submission process in step number 8.
    1. Applications must be submitted online using SalesForce™, a comprehensive customer management system that IGEM uses in the administration of grant applications. Click the link below to request your SalesForce™ username and password.
      Request Login
    1. When you are ready to submit your application, log into SalesForce™, upload your documents, and complete the online submission process.

Public Funds

Please note that if you elect to receive public funds, project information such as grant applications, budget forms, and PowerPoint presentations become public information and are subject to public records administration.

If your application contains confidential information, you must identify each page as “confidential – proprietary information”. Commerce will not accept a legend or statement on one (1) page that all, or substantially all, of the document is exempt from disclosure. You must upload all marked documents during the application process.

If you have questions or need assistance during this step of the application process, please contact Carmen Achabal, IGEM Program Manager.

Email Carmen

Have more questions? Access our FAQs section.VISIT FAQs